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 stardust Memories
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Do your best

I used to be able to
endure much more

Now I am often
exhausted from the
many impressions
and experiences

Added to that
I have gotten
a terrible dislike
to myself

But dislike
to yourself
is actually
the same as

stardust Memories / MdH

Staying Alive

The Lake is clear
diseases will stay
just as Love and Care

The Lake is your friend
sensible and smart

Question the load
with intelligenge

Take the Time

You have the right
to take your time
to question the load

stardust Memories
june 2021

Où est le refuge

Dans les moissons

Où éviter le pire

Dans un moindre mal

Sois offrande

Et meurs

Sois rivière

Qui coule traversant

Ces yeux t'accompagnant

Te le diront

Verse l'ondée

Pour l'esclave

comme cette pluie

Sur la mer

Gérard Lemaire 2004

Waar is de schuilplaats

In de oogsten

Waar slechter vermijden

In een minder kwaad

Wees een offer

En sterf

Wees een rivier

Die overstekend morst

Deze vergezellende ogen

Zeggen je het

Stort de stortbui uit

Voor de slaaf

Zoals deze regen

Op de zee

Gérard Lemaire 2004

[ vertaling stardust Memories stMemmdH )

-- author :  Gèrard Lemaire, Concremiers  France  - EU
-- posted by stardust [at] DeDS NL, August 28, 2021
-- ( copy from the Web- publication in
    https://blogs.mediapart.fr/lemaire-marie-josephe/blog )


There's not an egg in sight
but for that matter
there's no sun out there
at the moment
but don't let that keep you
from dreaming a plan
that might result
in a beautiful breakfast
if you only have an ounce of faith
in what has gone before
and who knows
what's coming down the path

                                        - -Neal Wilgus

-- author :  Neal Wilgus, Rio Rancho  NM  - USA
-- posted by stardust [at] DeDS NL , July 24, 2020
-- ( first publication )


Big Bro
up go
unneed O'Brien.
All above
Smith love - -
he keep eye on.

Set back
hard attack
new Bro need.
Next line
just fine - -
robots never bleed.

                       - -Neal Wilgus

[ NW adds:  "2050" is a spinoff from Orwell's 1984 - 2050 being the last "word" at the end of Orwell's masterpiece ]
-- author :  Neal Wilgus, Rio Rancho  NM  - USA
-- posted by stardust [at] DeDS NL , July 24, 2020
-- ( first publication )

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