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--  De presentatie van het 'Rock Stars' Mail-aRt project 2012 op het Migrating Souls Festival was  een groot succes;  kijk  hier voor een overzichtsfoto van de expositie ..... *****  Mail-aRt (wat is), Artists Trading Cards (ATC) en   verwijzingen naar Mail-artisits Web-sites: Mail-art is het versturen van een kunstwerk naar  aanleiding van een uitnodiging tot participatie in een mail-art project. Een mail-art project is een uitnodiging tot het insturen  van een kunstwerk,meestal naar aanleiding van een bepaald thema, met als doel het organiseren van een  mail-art expositie. De activiteit stamt uit de Pop-art stroming en is verwant met de Fluxus beweging. --   ******** Dus: See ( bijvoorbeeld ) the gallery of Grupo Correos Mail-art project ( Spain ) on the theme of 'Infancia' ( 2013 ).  ******* Samuel Montalvetti's Papelcollage blogspot **, of (FluXus Mail-aRt)  Fluxus Heidelberg Center >  * Jim Leftwich's rarebooks *** The legacy of literair mail-artist Madison Morrison on Madison Morrison's Web   Mail-aRtisitslist: Artistslist susannia.de  *** of Lettres Anges  Mail Art Calls *** of   Arte Correo  ATC  Ars et  Design -  Poesía Visual   >  Frips  is verhuisd naar ipernity.com ( "i am posting all my mailart on ipernity  from now on", she sayz at her blog-pages ) See her photography and Mail- aRt albums here.*** See also her large mail-aRt  archives: ( a snap-shot )  fripsmailart: February 2005    ----  **   [  Poésie and mail art / desvigne.blogspot.fr ] en Zine fest PT Open Call 2016:  zinefestpt.wordpress.com/2016/07/19/open-call-1-2-3-zinefestpt-2016/     Other sites of interest :   Mail artist Shadow Marilyn Damman memorial site + ***** Yahoo! Groups: mailart · E-Mail Art Networking     * ( Guido Vermeulen's Mail aRt Internationale  blog ). ***** Andrea McNeill's  found-art  blogspot blog ** -  Artists Trading Cards op ATC ***    Claudio Parentela op artbabyart --- -   ************ Not only Mail-aRt artist Karen Wood: Online Gallery **  Ryosuke Cohen - Official  Website    ( MAIL ART-NETWORKING ART )* || Mail-aRt-Stigma ||  -- :: ***   Erich Sündermann Zeichenbuch and in his studio ( werkstatt video 2014 )   ***   claude-lebus mail-aRt = *****  = { El Mail Tao } Karl-Friedrich Hacker @ Footura Black edition -- ******   and, ******** this has been going on for some time, Carolyn Substitute's Lime Green Evolution World of Art   ( archived, from 1997.. yeah..., rock on.. ) ***  To Mircea Bochis site: www.bochis.ro : in the NEWS section   you have new cultural projects. *  Tatiana Makarova's  ( 'MATATA' ) blog > www.matata1952.blogspot.com  ***** ANNA BOSCHI 2015 project International Hommage in Pig mail-aRt to ( Remembering BAUDHUIN  SIMON - 1947 - 2006 ) online Blog documentation *** Otto David Sherman is producing continuing barrage  of stamps, medals and cancellation works, partly published at ottoart.com  ************ More... : .. from Antwerp, Belgium:  fennabee  mail-aRt ( Runs and Draws ) *** Amanda Van Munster  ( USA ) sent his Star ( s )  Mail-aRt with a reference to his blogspot only (  mypostalobsession.blogspot.com ). His website on PostCrossing: AmandaVanMunster - His contribution is featured on his blogspot/My Postal Art- Mail Art Call page, and shows like this:  ******  here it is the link that show our participation using post mail for ZineFestPt 2015. We are preparing a new edition, *preannouncement * will occur in May, be attentive. Thanks for your contribution! Hope to see your work in the next edition. Mail Art Postcards  ******  ***  Mail Zine's ******* Wil je aan mail-art projecten meedoen? Kijk dan eens op dit  mail art  forum ( Duitstalig ).  **** Enviar a stardust Memories et Arte Correo Sobre Collage from Samuel  as of 19 de febrero de 2016 *** ** ** Connie Jean's Cocoa beach Squirrel Museum  ******  Closed circulation... *** ****More recent... : ** ... Dorian Ribas Marinho a enciclopédia livre ( Wikipédia ) and at the International Union of Mail Artists  ( IUOMA ), as well as featured in Correio do Porto ( ITW ) and as participant in the White Silence *** Guido Vermeulen ( 1954 - 2014 ) commemoration site ****  mail=Art projet documentation:  La Donna Ieri Oggi  *****  -- Sandra Simone Schmidt's snailmailartprojects blog **** Proyecto Espres-Arte Mail Art di Antonia Mayol Castelló, Torrevieja España *** Convocatoria Lady Madonna   ** ,,, and his a-compagnieing MadonnaProject Blogspot blog of the Museum of Instant Images ** *** All this and more... **** 2nd Star  ( s ) Mail-aRt expo overview photography in The Eagles Filled the Sky *** The Fight your Windmills, demons and depressions Mail-aRt project 2018-2019 * ***  ***  *** Ruggero Maggi 70 years Mail-aRt project contributions scanned for the Bongiani Ophen Art Museum **** * Some animation videos of Zine/Mail-aRt and Animation artsts Madame X Human Being Society are linked ( 3 links ) to this blogpost in Leaving Texas blog )****** 

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   index_best-Stardust-Memories-NL-Tribal-8-project-(2.)  stardust Memories
Past and ongoing mail-aRt Projects and exhibitions:
the Stars
- first exhibition 2006,
- second exhibition november 5th, 2016
the New H  ( 2013 )
the Rockstars ( 2012 )
See picture of the exhibition
here: the Rockstars
Tribal 8 ( 2014 )
Exhibitions hosted by hahamandad events.   

Info and contact:
stardust Memories
Postbus 15611
1001 NC  Amsterdam - Holland / Nederland / les Pays-Bas

"Eine echte Begegnung kann in einem einzigen Augenblick geschehen."    -- Anaïs Nin, Absage an die Verzweiflung 

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